Saturday, 15 May 2010

New Goverment for the UK

Well just over a week ago I got a lift down to my local polling station where I toddled in and made my democratic mark in the general election. The next day dawned to the news that non of the parties had got a large enough majority to take charge of the goverment which lead to a hung parliament.

The Conservatives lead by David Cameron had the most votes and seats, Labour lost most seats but still came in second with the Liberal Democrats come in third. This meant that Labour still had the first option as the sitting goverment to try and form a new majority and goverment but the Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg stuck by his election promise of speaking to the party with the most votes and seats first. What followed seemed to be endlessly long meetings between the Lib Dems and Conservative parties and just as everyone thought things were reaching some sort of conclusion, Gordon Brown leader of Labour tried to make an alternative offer in hope that the Lib Dems would join in with him even thought this would still not had lead to a Lib Lab majority goverment. This plan did not work, now the dust has settled and we have a new majority coalition goverment of Lib Conservatives. Who knows if this will work, there are already so many people saying it won't but I wish it well. This country needed a change, who knows if this works it could be really good, lets give it a chance and see.

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