Friday, 16 April 2010

Volcano grounds all flights in Britain

Today has made aviation history because all flights in Britain and some northern european countries (Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland) have been grounded today. This is due to the volcano beneath the Eyjafjallajokull glacier, 120 km east of Reykjavik erupting yesterday, sending a giant cloud of volcanic ash into the air, with tiny particles of rock, glass and sand this has slowly drifted south over the British Isles. This ash makes it unsafe for planes to fly and it has been know to bring down planes and stop engines. Never before have the skys of Britain been cleared of planes due to a natural disaster. As it stands there will be no flights until at least 1pm Friday lunch time and this is open for review. The airports are saying the backlog of flights will take days to clear.

On a personal leavel, I'm happy my dad came back from his holiday last week so was not stranded an airport like many poor souls are this week. I know of 2 people thats had their plans for holidays affected today and while their being safe is the most important thing, I do sympathise with people who have looked forward to their holidays. And bad show to the insurance companys, many who are so far claiming that as this is a so called 'Act of God' no claims will be vaild.

While the cancellation of so many flights is a major inconvenience to many, I'm sure most if not all realise it is the only wise option to take in terms of safety. This will be causing far worst problems for the people of Iceland and hopefully they will all be safe and the volcano will calm down quickly.

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