Monday, 12 January 2015

My late Yule tide arrival

This rotten flu bug going around the family has really taken it's toll this Yule tide season and we cancelled all our original plans as everyone concentrated on getting well but at long last we managed to gather for a little home party to swap our gifts and enjoy a pleasant meal together as the new year unfolds. This little beauty was my Yule time present and he's a little darling, the biggest of my dragon brood so far from Bobby's Bears who can be find on Face Book or attending at various bear fairs around the country. Continuing my theme of naming the dragons after local pits where I imagine they've been found, I've named him Brookhill after the pit my grandfather worked at in his later years. As he worked in the baths I thought the colour blue was ideal and I'm sure this dragon loves splashing about in the water when given the chance.

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