Saturday, 9 August 2014

A little bundle of red arrives in the post.

Introducing one of the newest arrivals in to the Dragon nest. Again made by Bobby Bears this little darling is of the sitting or standing variety. He's got a coat of mottled red, orange and yellow mohair and his stitching is golden. Currently he's called Ember and I've fitted him in with my hearth collection of dragons but I'm not sure with his colouring if he's like to join in with the garden group. Struggling to think of a name for him though that would be appropriate, the first one that comes to mind is Rose of course due to his colour but trying to think of a more boyish name which is difficult with flowers. He may just stay Ember unless I can come up with another name I like.
 Here Ember is getting to know Bentinck

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  1. So cute! I love the name Ember, he does look like a burning ember, and of course, Dragons breathe fire. It suits him <3


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