Sunday, 24 June 2012

Have a Wonderful Fairy Day

Do you know it's International Fairy Day today?

The fairies do, they are gathering as we speak to dance the night away
under the summer moon. I try to capture their gathering in my picture but
they fly so fast all you see is the sparkles they leave in their trail. There
is one though in a little pink dress, can you see her? I never put her in 
to the picture but she flow in herself to talk to Pegasus. 

I wish everyone magic on this night.
With days full of sparkles and laughter to follow. 

J x



  1. with all the craziness in my life right now I completely forgot it was fairy day, I hope they dont take offence. Lovely image. Hugs Sara

  2. Gorgeous image! I saw your post on Frosted Petunia's and thought I'd pop over and have a look. I'm looking forward to the Autumn festivities!! I'm happy to have discovered your blog and will visit again :-)



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